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Hair Removal

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5 Blade Body Razor
5 Blade Body Razor Smooth shave. No cuts. No bumps.
Rs. 349 Rs. 399
Reusable Metal Face Razor Premium zinc in rose gold finish
Rs. 599 Rs. 799
Eco Body Razor Eco wheat straw handle
Rs. 189 Rs. 199
Flawless Face Razor (Pack of 3)
Flawless Face Razor (Pack of 3) Gentle & irritation-free shave
Rs. 299 Rs. 349
Bikini Razor - Pack of 2
Bikini Razor - Pack of 2 For your delicates
Rs. 249 Rs. 269
Hair Removal Cream
Hair Removal Cream Painless 10 min hair removal
Rs. 139 Rs. 159
Foldable Face Razor
Foldable Face Razor Portable & gentle
Rs. 349 Rs. 399
Eyebrow Grooming Kit
Eyebrow Grooming Kit Personal, portable eyebrow stylist
Rs. 319 Rs. 349
All Natural Shaving Gel Gentle & extremely hydrating
Rs. 199