Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our products, any queries on shipping and returns? We've got you covered


How does Plush work?

All your Plush products have a combination of heavy flow and light flow pads to give you the optimal comfort levels.

Is there a difference in length of pads?

Yes! Plush ensures the appropriate size requirements are met for all. Our heavy flow pads at 310mm and light flow pads at 285mm.

How often should I change the pads?

Gynaecologists recommend changing your pad every 4-6 hours, though really you can change it as often as you need to.

Why use cotton?

Cotton is a naturally derived compostable and biodegradable crop with 100% natural cellulose fibre. Our team has taken much effort in picking the right grade of cotton to deliver the right amount of comfort and softness to your skin. 
Traditional pads are made up of 100% polyethylene which makes the skin prone to rashes and redness. With Plush you’re guaranteed a rash-free cycle while contributing positively to climate change.

What is your packaging made of?

Unlike brands that use low-micron plastic to package pads, we use FSC certified paper. Forest Stewardship Council® certification means we source materials that meet strict standards to protect forests, and the animals and people who depend on them.

Where are Plush products manufactured?

We’re proud of the responsible approach we take to manufacturing our products.
Our cotton is sourced from US from the finest crops until it is shipped to an FDA approved plant in China where it is converted into a finished product.

Are Plush pads made of organic cotton?

Here’s the deal – cotton can be grown organically, but by the time it reaches your hands, the final product is most likely not organic. Dime a dozen companies use the term ‘organic’ without necessary certifications despite harsh chemicals used in the process.
At Plush – what you see is what you get. In our effort to provide unmatched comfort, we iterated multiple times and choose US Cotton – one of the most resource efficient and  functionally superior product.
All our cotton is accredited by Cotton Incorporated and US Cotton – a 49 year old non-profit organisation. 

Is your packaging discreet?

In our humble attempt at making period packaging look vastly different, we went with a packaging design with which each consumer can relate to  


How long does it take for Plush to ship?

We typically give orders 5-7 business days to ship. Should you have an immediate need, please reach out to care@plushforher.com and our team will see how we can help.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

We offer free shipping for all prepaid orders. For COD, orders below Rs 98/- we charge Rs 20 for shipping and for any order above the cart value of Rs 99/-  we charge Rs. 39 for shipping.  

Do you offer cash on delivery? 

Yes we do :) 


What is your return policy?

We’d be sad if Plush did not manage to put a spring in your step! Owing to the kind of products we sell, we don’t accept returns or exchanges. Having said that, pass on your reason for want of return onto care@plushforher.com and we’ll make sure our team looks into this.

What if the item I receive is damaged or defective?

We’re extremely sorry about the unpleasant experience you had to go through. In case this happens or has happened, do reach out to our team on care@plushforher.com and we’ll replace the product right away with no extra cost.

What is your order cancellation policy?

Cancellation is permitted only if the order has not been shipped. To do so please reach out to us at care@plushforher.com.

What can I do if I cancel the order and don't receive a refund?

In such a situation, do reach out to us at care@plushforher.com and we will do our best to rectify the issue ASAP.

What if you miss the package during delivery?

Worry not, our team has you covered. Reach out to us at care@plushforher.com.

Still have a question? You can reach out to us at care@plushforher.com and we'll try our best to answer it