• Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads
  • Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads
  • Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads
  • Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads
  • Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads
  • Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads

Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads

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What does this pack contain?

India’s 1st Pads with Elevated Core Technology for Teens - 240 mm (pack of 12)

Skin friendly & toxin free, our sanitary pads feel like a hug for your period. Engineered with Elevated Core™ Technology, our teen pads are made from 100% U.S. cotton & guarantee rash-free periods. Whether you're moving, studying, going out, or sleeping like a queen, our Elevated Core™ Technology pads have got your back (quite literally). Choose the better pad for you.

  • India’s 1st Elevated Core™ Technology Pads : Designed thoughtfully for the active teen lifestyle, Plush is the first brand in India to revolutionize pads by separating the wings from the top layer. No more worries about leaks, rashes, or discomfort.
  • Anti Fold Leak Protection : Solving the problem of folding or shifting pads, our technology makes the wings fold, not the pad itself. This ensures maximum leak protection so you can go about your days & nights worry-free.
  • 100% U.S. Cotton & Rash-free :  Offering a guaranteed rash-free period experience, our pads can compete with the softness of feathers.
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What sets our pads apart?

Elevated Core Technology

A first in India, meet pads with wings that are separated from the top layer, working independently to provide unmatched comfort & protection.

Anti-fold leak protection

Say goodbye to folded or shifting pads. Our advanced anti-fold technology ensures that only the wings fold, while the pad stays securely in place so you can experience ultimate comfort and protection.

Designed for teens

Stay comfortable in every move with our teen pads designed for your active lifestyle. Whether it's school, sports, or socializing, our pads offer a flexible and secure fit, keeping you protected at all times.

Elevated Core Tech

100% Rash Free

240 mm for teens

100% U.S. Cotton

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Questions we get asked a lot!

What are teen pads?

They are sanitary pads specifically designed for teenagers (13-19) to provide comfort, protection, and a rash free period for teenage girls during their menstrual cycle

How are teen pads different from regular pads?

Our teen pads are designed with Elevated Core™ Technology focus on comfort & fit for younger users. They are smaller in size (240 mm), providing a better fit for girls starting out on their menstrual journey.

Why choose teen pads?

Teen pads are specifically designed to provide a perfect fit for teenage girls, offering enhanced comfort and security. Our pads cater to the age-appropriate absorbency needs of lighter to moderate flow with added features like Elevated Core™ Technology, absorbent side edges, and anti-fold design to offer excellent leakage protection.

What is Elevated Core™ Technology?

Elevated Core™ Technology is India’s 1st ever innovative feature in sanitary pads that offers enhanced comfort and protection by separating the wings from the top layer. This provides a raised core (top sheet) structure that helps prevent leakage and provides a secure fit.

What is Anti-fold Technology?

Anti-fold technology is a feature in our sanitary pads that prevents the pad from folding or bunching up during use, ensuring a flat and secure fit for enhanced comfort and added leak protection.

What are absorbent side edges?

Absorbent side edges are constructed with extra absorbent material along the sides of our teen pads to provide additional protection against leaks. By effectively capturing and absorbing any fluid that may flow towards the sides, the absorbent side edges enhance the overall leak resistance of the pad, offering better protection during periods.

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Aparna Mhatre

Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads

Kajal dokania

Very good n comfortable

Sudeshna Biswas

The pad is so small for my teenager daughter and the pad contains very little amount of cotton the pad needs more cotton for soaking the blood amount

Sekhar .
Not delivered

Did not receive package

Anuradha Satyanarayana

Teen Rash-free Sanitary Pads