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This Lockdown, kill boredom with these amazing courses

Sitting in the same jammies the third day in a row, you’ve exhausted all possible shows to binge on Netflix, watched the same movie a hundred times over and have nothing to do - that definitely defines us right now! If you’re in the same boat as us, don’t you worry, cos we gotchu girl.

While we support both sides of a lockdown individual - the super productive one and the super take it easy one, we found a way to kill boredom with some amazing courses online. They’re absolutely free, they’re super fun and hey, maybe they include a skill you’ve been wanting to learn. Well, now's the time!

Here are 10 amazing free online courses for you : 

The science of Happiness

 This time has been tough for all. With everyone speaking up and encouraging people to do activities that will help you with your mental health, we found this brilliant positive psychology course from Berkeley University, that teaches science based principles for a happy meaningful life.  Find the course here.

The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture

We’ve all rushed to watch the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the first day, in fear of spoilers. Most of us are even guilty of keeping some incredible superhero memorabilia. Well, if you live, breathe and speak superheroes like some of us, this course is just for you. Find the course here 

Learn to Play the Guitar

Got that guitar lying around, collecting dust? “I’ve been meaning to go for a good class” - find yourself saying that too often? Well, no more delays, because this course is amazing to get you started on the basics of this instrument. Get your inner star out. Find the course here .

Learn to write your first song

 While we’re showing you courses to learn music, we might as well go the extra mile and give you the whole package. Because now, your poetry and music writing will not be limited to just your journals. Take it a notch higher, and learn to create your songs. We know there’s a hidden popstar in you!  Find the course here.

Make your first EDM Track

 Well, if you decide that learning the guitar or writing music is not for you, then maybe this course would interest you. Learn to make your own foot tapping, dance number. And who knows, maybe you’ll be in the race to become the next Calvin Harris.  Find course here

Personal Finance Management

 We’re all guilty of spending the money we don’t have. School taught us trigonometry, but not to handle our finances. Well, now is better than ever to learn. Learn how to easily Record your Expenses, Determine your Budget, Follow up and Monitor Expenses, and Set a Plan, with this course. We know what we’re doing the next few days! (Studying this of course). Find course here

Feminism and social justice

Ladies and gentlemen, this course is gold. This not only covers the basics of the topic, but takes you through some of the most iconic movements in feminism and social justice through the ages. A perfect course for someone who is looking to learn something powerful and fresh!  Find course here

Graphic design

Learn to create your own digital art. Graphic design, in today’s digital world, should be considered an essential skill. It’s not just limited to creating logos or brand art, but can be super useful in your personal life too! This course covers the essentials of graphic design. Find course here.

Writing engaging blogs

 If you’ve always wanted to share your knowledge with the world in any sphere, say cooking, fashion, music or just want to share your thoughts with the world, then you must enter the amazing and brilliant sphere of blogging. And we have just the thing to get you started. Find course here

The power of Podcasting and Storytelling

Take your love for blogging a notch higher, and get into the latest trend of podcasting. Learn all you need to know about making podcasts from planning, writing and publishing your own - this course has it all.  Find course here

We know we’re gonna get busy with some of these courses. We’d love to know if you join any of these. All the best BloodSisters, and happy learning! 

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