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A BloodSister’s guide to Self-Quarantine

It’s Saturday night, you’re looking fly, sipping wine and taking some amazing selfies. But all of that just for a self-love saturday night - because BloodSisters, it's time to stay safe or end up staying sorry! 

We’re in tough times! The novel Coronavirus has hit thousands across the globe, and the best thing an individual can do is stay clean, hygienic and practice social distancing.  

While we’re sure you would’ve heard, seen and are probably (Hopefully) practicing your clean, hygiene routine, we want to reiterate for you. Afterall, we want this blog to be your go-to guide for all things quarantine.  

The only clean-ups we need right now

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, sanitize your surroundings, repeat. We know it's tedious, and the 20 second hand wash rule (Get under those nails, ladies) has changed our lives forever. But it is important, and at this point the only thing that is going to keep you germ free. Remember to sanitize your phone, laptop and any other surface you come in constant contact with too! Wear masks while travelling, and please don’t panic-buy. We do not want to end up with empty supermarkets and supplies worth 3 years at home, that will actually expire in the next 3 months. Be smart, and stock up only what you need.  

The distance we gotta maintain  

Though we all are currently feeling the lyrics of the famous Atif Aslam song “Doori sahi jaaye na”, this doori is essential. In the wake of thousands being affected by Coronavirus across the globe, people all over are advised to practice social distancing.  

Now we know that all of us avoid social plans anyway, just to stay in bed and Netflix all day; Doing it for two weeks straight, including working from home, is bound to drive anyone crazy. But we got your back, with some amazing thing you can do while self-quarantined.

5 things you can do while you self-quarantine

Netflix all day, but make it a watch party with your friends 

Yes, we just said Netflix and chilling for two weeks straight can drive you crazy, but hold up! No one said you can’t invite your friends for a watch party - all while you are still self-isolated and virtual. Here’s how: Google Chrome has a brilliant extension that lets you watch Netflix content with your friends anywhere you are. It has a chat window so you can discuss, and you can all take breaks together, cos when you pause, it does so for everyone else in the party too. #NoMoSpoilers  

Wipe the dust off those pages, and read the book you’ve been meaning too

We’re all guilty of bulk buying books. We just can’t not get that latest release, or the top best selling book of the month. We’re also all guilty of keeping them in our bookshelves and forgetting about it. Well, with all this free time on our hands, go back and complete your reading list. 

Con: You may not like the book you spent a thousand bucks on.  

Pro: You’ll come out of this quarantine, as worldly as you can be!

Rekindle that old flame or find a new one

NO! We do not mean text that toxic ex. (Put away your phone, sister!) We mean cultivating new hobbies, or picking up an old one; Dust off that forgotten guitar, tune it and get back in the groove. Or discover how amazing and therapeutic gardening is. Been wanting to learn Salsa since forever? Well, you don’t need a partner. Open YouTube and learn some amazing moves with the help of thousands of videos online! Discover what you love, and spend time doing it.

Game nights forever! 

Please don’t host a game party and invite your friends over. It negates the point of social distancing. But that doesn’t mean game nights can’t happen. The internet is a magical place, and you can literally play all your favorite games with your friends online, from wherever you are. No, we do not mean video games for hardcore gamers, but also simple fun ones that everyone can play. Some of our favorites are Ludo King (iOS/Android); Words with Friends (iOS/Android); Golf Clash (iOS/Android); Kahoot (iOS/Android) and the classic favorite Uno (iOS/Android).  

Be Good, do Good

Use this free time to clean up your rooms and wardrobes (See Ma, I listen to you). Doing this will not just impress your mother greatly, but will also help you prepare a pile of things you don’t use but that can be donated to someone in need. And donate not just your clothes. Donate to causes that are helping fight this Virus, donate towards medical research and hospitals, or donate towards whatever you wish for.  

Well, here’s the stuff we plan to do and have put together for you to do. If you have more ideas or activities you are doing while social distancing, feel free to hit us up. Stay safe, stay healthy and make the most of this time! 

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