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Dear Mom, We Love You

Mom’s deserve all the amazing things in life, and they definitely need more than just one Mother’s Day to celebrate them. They need to be celebrated, pampered and loved everyday, because honestly, without our mom, we’d be a blubbering mess. 

Mothers have played an important role in most people’s lives. Especially us women, and especially when we need our moms during one of the most crucial times in our lives - our first period. But funnily enough, most of our moms have either gotten super awkward about the topic, but have still braved through the conversation; or have gone through the convo breezily. There’s no middle ground. 

Mom! I’m bleeding, I think I’m gonna die

To make this Mother’s Day fun, we asked some of our #BloodSisters how their first period conversation with their mom was. Brace yourself for some funny answers

My mom is a gynaecologist. I got an entire demonstration using the female reproductive system model. Yay Mom!

When I hit my periods, I was wearing white cycling shorts, I went to my mother, heart pumping loud..’Mummy I got my period.’ My mother, instead of calming me down, froze for a minute and started crying so loud because she thought I was too young to handle them. That’s not it, she went ahead and announced it to the entire world. Funny woman my mummy" -  Parul

Well, some had these fun experiences, while some experiences were filled with moms answering all funny questions their daughters asked them!

My mom sat me down and explained it to me in detail. I obviously had a ton of questions being the curious little person that I am, and she literally said “before you ask me how do animals take care of it, I don’t know, I only know how humans do - Anonymous

My period conversation with mom didn’t really happen, because I got it way earlier than she expected it to. But, I knew about it through friends. The day I got it, I freaked out and told my mom. She calmly explained all my doubts, including the ones I had about where I was bleeding from. She did laugh at some of my silly questions, and told me now you’re a big girl - Karen

Moms are the best aren't they? While the conversations above went by without a stitch, some conversations are so funny they have us clutching our sides.

“My mom explained periods to me pretty normally when I was in the 7th grade, but I didn’t get it until I was in my 10th grade, and I had forgotten about everything she taught me. The only thing running through my head was OMG I HAVE CANCER. My mom obviously found the whole thing super funny” - Meghana

In our house, we don’t enter the kitchen during our period. So until my mom spoke to me, me and every other kid in the house were under the impression that mom wasn't entering the kitchen because a crow touched her head. The day she told about periods, I died laughing" 

- Pooja

Well, some funny, some funnier, we loved reading these stories. But this also brought us to how difficult it must be for a mom to take her daughter through this. Well, moms don't worry! Your tough little girls are ready to take on the world, and taking them through this conversation is very important, as early in their life as possible. 

Explain to them the woman's body, explain the changes she will go through, answer all her questions about this, no matter how difficult - because it's important. Now more than ever, for a young girl to be aware of her body and to break all social barriers and taboos. After all, it is moms who run the world. 

Happy Mother’s Day mom, we love you!

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