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We've got your back during her period!

How to deal with with Aunt Flo?

It's blood week again isn't it? Your girls not feeling great, she's PMS'ing and its taking all your patience not to scream out loud. You know you love her but during these days you really begin to question that don't you?

With all that's happening, we understand that sometimes you too just need a break as well. So we've got a few hacks for you to help you out :

1. Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate :

Well not chocolate necessarily- but sweets, candy, ice-cream. It all helps and honestly will help her feel a ton better. We don't get it either but for some reason gorging down on chocolate and ice-cream really does help! The sweeter the food, the sweeter you.

2. Cramp relief :

Trust us. You need to keep some form of cramp/pain relief with you at all times. Figure out what works best for her - be it a hot water bag, a paracetamol, etc. It's the key to keeping her comfortable and a pain free girl, is a pain free you in a way. (Though don't ever compare her pain to anything!)

3. Netflix and cuddles :

She'll mostly want to spend the rest of her life in bed, let her. Put on her favourite movie/TV show and just cuddle with her. It's the best way to take her mind of it all and have fun while you're at it.

4. Don't tell her she's wrong :

We're not saying she's right but cut her some slack for 3 days. Her emotions are all over the place and she already feels pretty crappy. Take it from us, we know. Just agree with her, it's not too much to ask. She's already in pain and arguing with you is just going to cause her more :(

Do all of this, you'll both survive blood week without a scratch. Don't worry a bit, she might act a little crazy (DONOT call her crazy though) but at the end of the day, you know she loves you and she's the same person she's always been. It's just her hormones are all over the place, but sadly she can't really control that now, can she?? So just be there for her, hold her hand through it and we guarantee you'll make it out unscathed.Β 

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