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Here's what not to say to her on her period!

It's that 'Time of the Month' isn't it? Your girl's not feeling great- her stomachs cramping, she's bloating and overall not feeling her best self. 
You might see some major "monster" personality come out at times during these days with incessant mood swings and cravings, but cut her some slack. She's bleeding, feeling like she's getting punched in the gut over and over again and honestly doesn't feel very pretty either, what with the acne and bloating. And in light of all this, its hard at times to put on a smiling face and carry on like all is good in the world, when in reality you just feel like crap.

Kudos to you though for knowing how to comfort her and making her feel better during these times. But, for those of you out there who are failing or just 'winging it' without knowing what exactly to do, here are a few pointers on what you SHOULD NOT say to her on her period. Trust us, follow them and they might just save your life!

1. NEVER EVER try to pick a fight : 

There's really no need to point out tiny faults or bring up some past issue right now. Because honestly, take it from a girl you probably won't be getting a very reasonable response (it might even just be only tears). 

Also, come on man she's in enough pain as is. She needs you to be there for her not against her.

2.  Not a word about her weight :

She feels like crap and honestly its hard to look your best when you don't feel your best. Also TBH its never right to mention a woman's weight but really stay far as far away from this topic as possible at this time. She's moody and knows she's bloating, also we're pretty sure you don't want want to get your head bitten off.

3. DONOT chalk down any behaviour to PMS : 

Here's some advice just keep these three letters out of your month, erase them from your vocabulary- it's for your own good. She knows she's PMS-ing she definitely doesn't need you to mansplain it for her nor does she need a constant reminder about how unreasonable she's being, because somewhere deep down she knows shes being a little cray.



4. Please don't comment on how she looks :

Save yourself the temper or the tears. She knows she looks like crap and she definitely doesn't need the reminder. Periods come with a ton of symptoms- the acne, bloating, cramps, etc. She just needs a hug and to be loved right now, trust us on this.

5. Let her Binge : 

Don't ask her if she really needs that second pint of ice-cream, because she does. She wants the chips, chocolate and anything she can get her hands on because food is the best therapy. So keep your mouth shut, sit down and grab a snack because the roller coaster is just getting started.

6. Never ever mention exercise :

She knows getting out bed will help but she can't it all just hurts too much. So don't mention anything to her about exercise. It's not just about feeling drab its just, take it from us this comment just makes you feel fat. So save yourself the unnecessary drama and get in bed with her and cuddle.

Just be a little extra patient with her during these days and we guarantee that you'll make it out unscathed and alive :)

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