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  • A BloodSister’s guide to Self-Quarantine

    It’s Saturday night, you’re looking fly, sipping wine and taking some amazing selfies. But all of that just for a self-love saturday night - because BloodSisters, it's time to stay safe or end up staying sorry!
  • Can we actually control our Periods?

    Well here's all you need to know about how to control your period.
  • Why we act the way we do

    As we enter a new decade, I think it's time we actually actually understand gender roles and the effect they have on our society.
  • PCOD vs PCOS

    PCOD and PCOS. As young women, we seem to hear these two words quite frequently and more often than not, they are used interchangeably. What is important to understand is they are both types of Poly Cystic ovaries and they are both actually quite different.
  • Get on track - Your guide to tracking your period

    Well firstly, it's pretty cool that there are people out there acknowledging the fact that women have more than just their calories or steps to track. But, do we really need an app to track our period, isn't it easy enough to just mark it on our calendar?
  • Here’s to making sure your Cervix is 2020

    The month of January not only marks the beginning of a new year but also Cervical health awareness month.
  • Debunking Period Myths

  • Your go-to guide to Vaginal wipes

    Intimate hygiene wipes may not have always been an essential part of your hygiene routine but here's why you should seriously consider making Plush wipes a must have in your kit.
  • Community by Community - World AIDS Day

    A day to spread awareness about the HIV virus and an opportunity for people worldwide to join in the fight against AIDS.
  • Exercise, not Extra- fries

    Yes, we know that noone wants to exercise on their period, but here's a few tricks and tips to get those endorphins flowing.
  • Panty Liners are your new BFF

    Confused about liners? Don't worry, you're not alone. Here’s all you need to know why panty liners are your best friend.
  • Time to take matters into your own hands

    October is Breast Cancer month. We at Plush want to spread awareness amongst all our blood sisters.

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