• Panty Liners are your new BFF

  • Time to take matters into your own hands

    October is Breast Cancer month. We at Plush want to spread awareness amongst all our blood sisters.
  • Bravery for Ovary

    September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. In an effort to spread awareness, we are celebrating Ovarian Cancer Month this September. We're going to tell you all that we know about this, so you can be aware of what and how this affects a woman.
  • Just go with your flow

    It is a common misconception that one size fits all, at least that's what people want to believe. But, when your flow isn't even, why should your napkin size be? Understand why our curated Plush boxes are the perfect fit for you.
  • The #BloodSisters Oath

    We’re here for our #BloodSisters. The ones who have our backs when we need them the most.
  • Hi, Meet Plush

      When we started our journey with Plush, we realized that we’re not just entering the feminine hygiene industry to bring the comfiest period care...

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