Enjoying sex on the daily? That’s great.

Want to bring in some excitement to your sex life? That’s great too.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experiment something new with your partner. Here’s how you can get started.


Challenge 1: Wakeup Sex Challenge

Wake your partner up with sex every morning for a week without any warning. Kickstart with some gentle kisses or dive in directly with some oral. Add the ‘good’ to their morning with this saucy surprise.

Challenge 2: No Intercourse To Set The Course Right Challenge

Foreplay is often forgotten especially when you are in the heat of the moment. This challenge can be extremely beneficial as it forces you to break out of your usual sex routine & come up with new ideas to give each other pleasure. The only rule? No sexual intercourse. However, this does not mean that you cannot be creative; vibrators, oral sex, handjobs & more can all be added to this spicy mix.

Challenge 3: New Toy Everyday Challenge

There are countless toys available for you and your partner to try out and spice up your sex life! Try a new toy every day & see what works best for you.

Challenge 4: No Repeat Positions Challenge

What’s not to love about this challenge! Take it up for a week & challenge yourself to try out maximum positions with your partner. 

Challenge 5: New Movie Character Challenge

Fantasized about a certain movie character? Now live out that fantasy. Dress up & act like your favourite movie characters for a week; enact a few scenes & take your everyday sex routine to the next level. After all, a little role playing never hurt anyone.

Take up these challenges and amp up your sex life. Get closer than ever before!

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