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Four Sex Positions That You Need to Try Out

Something that needs to be added to your bucket list? Sex, lots of it, in many different positions. This right here is your personal sex position bucket list.

Position 1: 69
Math class, as Ariana Grande put it, "never was good," but 34+35 is a position that actually does feel good! Lie down on your back with your partner. When you are facing away from their upper body, climb up to the top. The mouth of your partner should be in line with your genitalia, and vice versa, resembling the number 69. This position also allows for dual pleasure.

Position 2: The Face Off
Face your partner while they are seated on a chair or the edge of the bed. In this position, your hands are free to do whatever you like so don’t forget to let your hands/fingers do the talking as well.

Position 3: The Chairman
If you love clioral stimulation while being thrusted into, you are gonna love this! Lean back on your partner as they sit on the edge of the bed while you are facing away. This sexual posture will be perfect to hit your G-spot. In the meantime, you or your partner can use your hand to stimulate the clitoris, perineum, or scrotum.

Position 4: The Seashell
Love to take control & be incharge of stimulating your clitoris? Then this position is for you. Cross your ankles behind your own head while lying back with your legs fully raised. Use your free hand to enjoy clitoral stimulation or to run your fingers up & down your partner’s back.

There are a lot of positions out there that you might want to explore. It might take some trial & error but once you figure it out, the pleasure is all yours! Make the pleasure, safe and woman friendly with Plush.

Use Plush LoveGlove Extra Super Dotted or 3 in 1 Multitextured to get that extra pleasure and extra safety :)


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Need to know more about positions and is plush gel safe for oral sex as well ?


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