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Your go-to guide to Vaginal wipes

Feminine hygiene has always been a bit of a taboo subject. There's always the need to take care of yourself and keep yourself feeling clean and healthy. This gets a little tricky because there are tons of different products available and we’re sure it all gets confusing at the best of times. There's also the question you always want answered, are these actually safe for vaginal health?

Intimate hygiene wipes may not have always been an essential part of your hygiene routine but here's why you should seriously consider making Plush wipes a must have in your kit. It is a well known fact that your intimates require special care and attention just like the rest of your body. They too are prone to infections. These wipes are designed specifically keeping your comfort in mind. Made out of 100% bamboo and infused with aloe vera extracts, these wipes are the perfect thing to keep you feeling fresh and clean down there.

The skin in and around your intimate area requires a little special care due to it being of a more acidic pH balance. Washing it with regular soaps and gels causes a pH imbalance which in turn makes you more prone to vaginal infections. Thereby, it is imperative to have an intimate hygiene routine in order to keep both you and your body healthy. As Plush wipes are made with a blend of perfect materials that are both alcohol and paraben free, hypoallergenic as well as being 100% biodegradable and pH balanced, what could be better?

Plush’s Intimate wipes are also the perfect size to fit in your bag and can be carried around for a bunch of different situations such as -

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