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Panty Liners are your new BFF

Confused about liners? Don't worry, you're not alone. Here’s all you need to know why panty liners are your best friend.

Liners are basically a thinner version of a pad but unlike them, liners are designed to absorb light leakage or discharge. Yes, its true they don't do much to contain your menstrual flow but they have many other uses.  They are extremely handy as they're not even remotely bulky, unlike a pad and you can hardly feel them.

They are helpful when it comes to light flow that happens either leading up to or after the completion of your monthly  cycle. 

They come in handy to manage adult or stress incontinence which happens when you’re laughing or jumping,

They help prevent any sort of discharge during the day, keeping your feeling dry and fresh.

They help keep you moisture free during Travel or any long journey. Keeping your underwear clean and you comfortable.

 Liners are also used by menstrual cup or tampon users as an extra layer of precaution as there is always a slight chance of blood leaking

Yes there are many advantages to liners, but there are a few things to be careful about or to keep in mind when you use liners. 

Liners though very useful, should not be used everyday as they do increase your chances of a yeast infection, especially if you encounter some changes like itching or a feeling of burning.

 They should not be used for long hours, liners like pads must be changed every few hours to maintain vaginal hygiene.

Our Plush panty liners are made out of cotton to ensure maximum comfort for you. They include no harmful or synthetic chemicals and are completely 100% fragrance free to keep your body healthy and provide you with maximum comfort.

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