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Just go with your flow

It is a common misconception that one size fits all, at least that's what people want to believe. But, when your flow isn't even, why should your napkin size be?

Many women believe that all pads are of the same size and because of this, we rarely have a leak free period. But in all honesty, the truth is that leak-free periods are 100% possible, especially once you get the right fit or absorption for your flow. 

Pads come in different sizes to match your protection needs, because why follow the herd when you’re born to stand out. Which is what we at Plush aim to provide you with. We understand that your comfort is a priority, especially during this stressful period which is why the Plush box is curated with solely your needs in mind. 

Our products are specially designed to fit and provide protection from all kinds of flow (from light spotting to very heavy flow). We know that period flow is never constant and at times it can be as moody as we are. We just want you to  be prepared for anything. 

After speaking to tons of women, we have curated boxes that have something for the ever changing flow women face on their period. Plush boxes have light flow pads which are ideal for the first and third day of the period, when women usually bleed less. The heavy flow pads are ideal for when aunt Flo just doesn’t want to stop and each box contains liners for when you’re sure but not too sure or when you have some spotting, usually in day four and five. Plush has three different boxes that we believe are especially suited for your period:

We did this keeping your comfort in mind and to save you the added trouble of buying multiple different presents to appease your aunt Flo. So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Plush box at


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