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Time to take matters into your own hands

Did you know that every 4 minutes, 1 Indian women is diagnosed with Breast cancer? Incidents of Breast cancer have been on the rise over the past few years. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness surrounding this topic.

 To help prepare yourself, we at Plush, have made it our mission to ensure that all our #BloodSisters out there are well prepared to give themselves a proper Breast examination. We get that checking for a lump and finding one is a terrifying thought but hoping it doesn't exist is no way to protect yourself. 

So today we’re going to learn how to conduct a breast exam but before getting worked up, you must know what to look out for-

- Development of a lump

- Skin irritation or dimpling

- Swelling of the breast

- Discharge of any kind other than breast milk

- Abnormalities in nipples like redness, itchiness, swelling, etc

Steps for Self Examination : 

The following are some basic precautionary measures you must know off and take to protect ourselves.

Mirror Mirror on the wall 

Standing in front of a mirror, check your breasts thoroughly. Check for any visual changes, skin dimpling or nipple discharge. Strike a few poses so you can get a better view . The more often you check yourself out, the easier it is to spot any abnormalities.

Time to touch yourself 

Lie back, relax and rest your head on your hand. Take your other hand and use your fingers to begin touching your breast gently but firmly then switch around to the other side. This is to feel around for any abnormal lumps in your breasts. 

Don't just go around in circles 

Move your hands around your breasts in definite patterns. First, make vertical patterns on your breasts with your finger, moving from the top to the bottom of your bra. After this continue to make spiral/ circular motions covering your whole breast while adding different amounts of pressure to feel for any lumps. 

Time of the month

Performing a self examination is the easiest way to detect any changes with your body, we recommend that you perform an exam on yourself every month. This should be done around the same time each month to help monitor changes effectively. If you do find something, don't panic and just make an appointment with your doc ASAP.

At Plush, we’ve always felt that regular checkup keeps you equipped to detect any uncomfortable signs. A self examination is not just a one time thing, it must become a part of your monthly routine. Yes, talking about your breasts can be hard but why let embarrassment stand in the way of you leading a healthy life.

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