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Exercise, not Extra- fries

Yes, it does seem a little counter-intuitive doesn't it? When all you really want to do is curl up into a ball and live on the rest of your days as a couch potato.

Though most people who exercise regularly say that there is nothing better for your period pain and bloating than a bit of exercise, we don't really want to believe that. 

We for one would much rather wallow in my self imposed misery than to go out and be active during my period, but there are many benefits to exercising and keeping fit during that Time of the month too. For one, it helps with cramps and increases oxygen supply to your muscles. There's also the added boost of endorphins flowing through your body that helps get rid of the blah feeling.

In addition to these, general fitness is always important for one's health and helps reduce the risk of serious medical issues as we age.

It is suggested by most to take it easy during your cycle and to only do exercises that you can handle in order to not strain yourself. The best exercises to do during your period are : 

Walking, it's the easiest exercise to incorporate into your day. It requires no extra equipment or training and it really does not take that much time. It's the perfect time to just be alone with your thoughts. 

Light Cardio, the keyword to focus on here is light. This workout is not meant to be stressful at all. It's usually just spending sometime cycling or in the pool, the key aspect is not to over exert yourself.

General strength training, but take it easy. Most women prefer to decrease the normal weights they usually do and also stay far away from any heavy duty lifting.

Yoga or Pilates are great to stretch your muscles out a bit and reduce cramps and the pain that comes along with it.

Yes, exercising is extremely beneficial to fight off period blues but always be careful while doing so, you don't want to over exert and end up hurting yourself now. Take it easy with your exercising and don't strain your muscles too much, this isn't the time to stand by a no pain, no gain philosophy.

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