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The Surprising Truth About Male Condoms and Women's Pleasure



Did you ever stop and think about who condoms are really designed for? 

Well, most of them are made with the modern-day male in mind. Talk about leaving the ladies out! But here's the kicker: men and women have totally different sexual responses. 

Guys have a simple path of desire, arousal, and orgasm—they're like walking on a straight line. Meanwhile, women can take any route they fancy, mixing up desire, arousal, and orgasm in their own unique way. Oh, and let's not forget the cherry on top: women can have multiple orgasms! Lucky them! 

So, what does this mean for male condoms and their components? Well, they affect women in ways that can impact both pleasure and safety. Buckle up as we explore this fascinating topic and uncover the secrets behind the condom conundrum!


The unintended pain of benzocaine

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that is added to most condoms to decrease sensitivity. It numbs both the penis and vagina, hampering pleasure. It can also reach the clitoris, delaying orgasm and undermining multiple orgasms. 

Beware of the risks of this dangerous compound in condoms that may cause an allergic reaction, dryness & infection in the vagina & penis! Women's & men's sexual well-being deserves safer alternatives.

The sting of Nonoxynol-9 in condoms

Nonoxynol-9 in condoms can cause vaginal irritation and discomfort with repeated use. 

Studies show 43% of women may experience this issue. It may also increase the risk of UTIs in women. 

Choose condoms wisely for women's well-being


But wait!

Did you know that male condoms containing talc can potentially cause cancer in women? It's no laughing matter, except for this joke: Why did the condom go to the seafood restaurant? Because it wanted to catch some crabs!

In all seriousness, talc, a dry lubricant commonly used on condom surfaces, has been linked to ovarian cancer and fallopian tube fibrosis. It's puzzling that talc is banned from surgical gloves due to recognized risks, yet it's still allowed on condoms. Strange, isn't it?

As if that wasn't enough, studies reveal that a whopping 70% of women experience discomfort during sex, with around 43% facing infections or allergies from harsh chemicals in male condoms. Talk about a rough ride!

So, what's the alternative? Unprotected sex? No thanks! We don't want STDs or surprise pregnancies. It's high time we prioritize women's safety and pleasure with better options. Remember, it's not just about having a good time; it's about staying healthy too. 

This is why we launched LOVEGLOVE. India's 1st male condom designed for women's safety & pleasure.

LoveGlove is suitable for all skin types & 100% body safe. It's been designed with love and utmost care for women & men.

LoveGlove is Free from Benzocaine, Nonoxynol-9 & Talc

LoveGlove does not contain anything that puts you at risk, or comes in the way of your pleasure. No Benzocaine, Nonoxynol-9 or Talc. Just body-safe materials.

Made from 100% Natural Latex

Developed for your most sensitive areas, LoveGlove is made from naturally sourced latex making it skin friendly and irritation free. 

100% Electronically Tested

Every LoveGlove condom is electronically tested for any imperfections to ensure the highest level of protection. Sex time is not stress time. Period.


LoveGlove comes in 2 premium variants.

Super Dotted LoveGlove

576 strategically placed dots on the condom's surface give additional stimulation to the clitoris and vaginal walls for a super pleasurable sex.

Multi-Textured LoveGlove 

The ribbed and dotted texture increases pleasure immensely and the contour gives you the best fit. It’s Ribbed, Contoured & Dotted at just the right places to heighten your sensations like no other. 

Your safety and pleasure comes first. With LoveGlove, we’ve done just what you needed all this time. Glove it before you love it ;)

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