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Get on track - Your guide to tracking your period

We’ve all been there. The large bottle of painkillers, a heating pad, chocolates and a whole bunch of unhealthy snacks. They're all signs of the apocalypse or as its more commonly known, our period. You know, those times you're caught off-guard by your period and slowly realize why you'd been in such a horrible mood the day before. Well, what if we were to tell you that there was a way that Aunt Flo might never catch you off guard again. 

Period tracking apps have changed the way women deal with their periods. Well firstly, it's pretty cool that there are people out there acknowledging the fact that women have more than just their calories or steps to track. But, do we really need an app to track our period, isn't it easy enough to just mark it on our calendar?  Why not, we have apps to do practically everything else don't we? So why not an app to track our period. 

The best thing about these apps is that not only do they track your cycle but they also come with multiple other features such as predicting your fertility days, mood swings and many other period related symptoms. There are tons of options available for a period tracking app.

Listed below are some of the top ones that we find women from all around the world love.

Maya - Maya is a holistic platform to track women's health. It provides a community for women to talk to each other and share advice.T he app also has online doctor consultations and a platform for women to anonymously ask each other for advice. 

Flo - Flo is a well known period tracker and ovulation calendar. This app has tons of features such as daily health insights, quizzes, articles, etc. All this information is adapted to the information you enter into the app and is personalized especially for you.

Clue - Clue is ranked as one of the top Period tracking apps. Clue helps women with period tracking, fertility predictions, PMS, etc. These predictions are based upon the most up to date data from scientists and universities.

Period tracker  - The period calendar app is a simple and organised diary for you to track your cycle history, symptoms, ovulation dates, etc. It has a very easy to use interface and is one of the best apps out there to track your menstruation patterns no matter how irregular they may be.

All in all, we think period tracking apps definitely make our lives a little easier and help us prepare for the oncoming waves of emotion flowing through our bodies every month.

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