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Hi, Meet Plush


When we started our journey with Plush, we realized that we’re not just entering the feminine hygiene industry to bring the comfiest period care to women. As the team behind the brand, we speak to a lot of women every day - women who are our friends, family, and even you. We’ve learnt a lot along the way - from what women want at work to what they want in bed - and came to the realisation that as much as we love talking about Plush and making your period comfortable, we have so much more to say. 

No, we’re not professional writers, we’re just like anyone of you. We’re here to surprise you and we’re here to help you with all things - from the list of perfect period food, the best way to handle your finances, our take on what is going on in the world and give you the latest tea.

We’re here to have conversations with you, be your confidante and also the best friend that will be there for you during your breakups. We won’t shy away from topics other people don’t want to talk about; we want to hear from you. Hear all you have to say and how you feel. Because that’s what Plush stands for - to support you in being the wildly capable woman that we know you are.

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The #BloodSisters Oath

We’re here for our #BloodSisters. The ones who have our backs when we need them the most.

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