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Rash Free or Free !


Plush offers the finest of the sanitary napkins, which are kinder to skin and kinder to planet. We promise a 100% Rash Free Guarantee to the consumers. If you experience rashes, we offer them a 100% money back.

Terms and Conditions
The offer is valid only for Plush sanitary napkins and panty liners. 
Herewith, the company Urban Essentials India Pvt Ltd, is referred as “UE” who represent and market Plush. The ‘User’ refers to any consumer or customer who has purchased /wishes to purchase Plush sanitary napkins.

1. The offer is valid throughout your purchase at any point of time, purchased from any store - offline or online
2. We have made sure there would be no rashes, but still if the user gets rashes after using Plush pads, the user should write an email to  with the

  • 1. Proof of purchase – Invoice/Bill copy of purchase
  • 2. Address for pickup of the product and
  • 3. Bank account details

3. The Plush team will arrange for pickup for the plush sanitary napkin from the address mentioned in the email.
4. The user is expected to return the Plush box along with the remaining contents, if any along with the proof of purchase. The box, contents and the proof of purchase should be packed well in a box or an envelope and be kept ready.The pickup will be arranged by UE or the user can arrange for courier of the product and the same can be reimbursed by UE (maximum of Rs 50) for courier charges.
5. Upon receipt of products by UE, the team will process the refund and the same will be transferred to the user’s bank account within 15 working days.
6. A user can exercise refund only one time during the offer period.