Remember when you were a little girl and had all these weird ideas about your period? They were most often heard from old folklore, or silly boys who had no idea what a period was. Periods were mysterious and full of myths once upon a time, but not now - even though poisoning someone with one look or being able to “hold in your period” sure sounds like superpowers we would love to have! So here we are, debunking some common period myths - after all, it is never a bad time to get a #BloodSister up-to date about something she goes through every month.

After some major research, we found five myths that needed some serious debunking, once and for all:

Myth: PMS is all in your head

Umm.. Excuse you people (Read: Unaware men) A woman’s body goes through a lot of physical changes before her period; There is a drop in oestrogen - linked to the hormone which makes you happy, and an increase in progesterone - the hormone linked to the part of the brain associated with fear, anxiety and depression. So when it is “that time of the month” mood changes are completely normal.

Myth: Exercising on your period is a big NO

A woman's period is not her weakness or a disability. While staying in bed and eating fries all day - on your period days or just any day - sounds like heaven; women can absolutely exercise during their period. In Fact exercising on your period if you want to is always a good thing. Exercise helps control cramps and PMS symptoms as it helps increase oxygen supply to the bloodstream.

Myth: Menstruating women are also not allowed to cradle or even touch babies. It is believed that if they do, they will cause the infant to fall ill

Okay, now is when our eye starts rolling farther behind. If women on their period had the ability to make people fall sick, we’d be no less than superheroes. But, in all truthfulness, a woman on her period has absolutely no control over the health of a child.

Blood is definitely not a way for your body to reject toxins and is not dirty blood. Some might argue that it is not blood at all!

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