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Pregnancy Positivity



Pregnancy positivity is a wider and customizable term if you really want to take it into consideration. Talking about India, falling into this beautiful phase of love and commitment is planned wisely in a smaller section of pie. And as it is known that India is a country based in villages, ancient remedies and domestic prescription. People test their pregnancies at home with Indian remedies which gives 99% inaccurate results. Out of immaturity many couples in India get pregnant at wrong timings & other than that due to the same reason they don't take proper actions and proper products to know their pregnancies. The use of right products is essential whenever it comes to personal hygiene and personal issues. Which is what we want everyone to focus on and get educated on.


In today's era we are capable enough to understand the worth of self-satisfaction and self wants. And we know what satisfies our mental health and provides peace. Therefore, what is positive for you, only matters. And from here it's time to understand that only a positive sign on a pregnancy bar doesn't mean pregnancy positivity. Today, being sexually active isn't a taboo, epically only in metro cities. And this leads to most unwanted pregnancies, where the real positive is negative, hence it's also pregnancy positivity. During your test, not everyone would expect the same, your positive might be equal to someone else's negative. But the equation is your mental health = your ultimate satisfaction. Also it's quite obvious that it's a wonderful part of life once you fall into it. Therefore, the advice is to firstly know about it using a good "midstream pregnancy kit", that has 99% accuracy chances rather than just performing domestic procedures suggested by elderly people in surrounding because it's definitely the matter of surety.


As you are stepping into the new world, a lot of emotion are supposed to catch up at once in your cells. Where you focus on happiness, positivity, mental peace and of course your overall health. For that you are advised to read good books, eat good food, watch good happy movies, and pamper yourself with all the possible goodies. This is also pregnancy positivity. Also when the situation goes out of control and you really don't know how you're going to keep it or avoid it. We know, whatever you decide it's for your best and never be guilty of it. Positivity comes with vibes of love, care and responsibility but sometimes the "word positive" is different from the real meaning of "positivity". This is exactly what happens when you don't want a positive line on pregnancy bars. Here the real positivity becomes the "word negative". And it varies as per the individual's concern and choices and that too means pregnancy positivity. How iconic and beautiful it is that we all add different flavors of feelings, emotions, panics and fears to a word like positive. During the tests someone would be panicking on the right side and someone would be on the left. And all the panic is just up to seeing the double or single red line. No worries, as red is the color of life. And it teaches life is bringing you challenges in both the ways, and this is what god decides for you. So, be ready for the challenges and you are good to go. All you need is a fresh mindset, go for the test, fingers crossed and all the best for the rest!

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