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Lifestyle And Health Woes

Lifestyle And Health Woes

This World Health Day, let's understand this better shall we?

Rohita Siva

Majority of women in this day and age have developed and endured lifestyle disorders and diseases overtime. Lifestyle diseases affect a woman’s general physical and mental health on the whole in various aspects, forms and combinations. The stress levels of today and everyday lifestyle choices greatly drive the health of women and women need to understand how and why their bodies are changing as time goes by. The most common and prevalent one being PCOS/PCOD. This being a lifestyle disease, the severity and complexity is subjective to women on different levels based on their body type, habits and genetics which in turn makes the treatment plans very personal and subjective. However, figuring out your own version of a healthy and holistic lifestyle can help control or reverse this condition. It is imperative that women have themselves checked at the first symptoms for early deduction and medical intervention.

Although there are multiple factors for the same, let’s have a look at the following few.

1. Eating habits/disorders

Eating disorders, unhealthy eating habits and lack of proper nutrition is considered the primary cause along with genetics. Professional medical help for both physical and mental aspects of a woman’s health can help drastically with eating disorders. Research has shown that for some women their PCOD/PCOS condition has greatly improved by implementing basic lifestyle changes such as cutting down on smoking, drinking and by avoiding eating fast food and eating controlled portions of healthy and nutritious meals.

2. Sleeping Pattern

Hormonal imbalance and PCOD/PCOS can be the cause of insomnia and fatigue in some women. Women with these lifestyle disorders have a higher prevalence of poor sleep quality and sleep disorders compared to women without and hence need to pay attention to their sleeping cycles and practice having a good sleep and rest time with the help of professional medical guidance if need be. Lack of sleep ultimately aggravates hormonal imbalance and so this should be given due importance and attention.

3. Mental Health

A disruptive sleep schedule increases the risk of developing depression and fluctuations in hormone levels in women. These two factors can also lead to weight gain which again causes women to struggle with body image issues mentally. These mental strains and stress in turn affects hormone levels and overall health of women. Proper care and counseling can help curb stress levels and manage depression.

4. Genetics

Women with a family history of ancestors with menstrual problems/illnesses are more likely to develop them later on as genetics have a strong hold over this matter. Maintaining a record of this is vital to track patterns and diseases for early detection and intervention.


All of these factors apart from multiple everyday challenges, socio economical and environmental factors affect a woman’s lifestyle and choices which in turn plays a role in the health standards. 

 A woman’s body changes through different phases of life and it is important that she understands her needs and care and keeps up with the change. Healthy lifestyle modification is the key component to battle and manage the side effects of these changes. Regular checks, proper education and awareness and understanding how one’s body reacts all make up to lead life with a healthy and holistic approach.

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