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Let's Get Shaving!

We are all in for flaunting those body hairs all over your body. I mean, come on! Isn’t it a natural process? But not just now, women back in the days too started shaving to keep up with the social views.

Hair grows in almost every part of our body. There are several different ways to get rid of body hair and women these days are opting for more and more ways to get rid of them. Some use natural ingredients and some are, well, eh, call it technical. 


1. Wet Shaving
A simple glide of razor over lather skin using shaving cream/gel.

2. Dry Shaving
Most often used, dry shaving refers to shaving the body hair using a razor without any cream/gel or even water.

3. Waxing
There are two types of waxing that are being done. Cold & Hot. These waxings also include flavours for different scents. However, waxing is said to be one of the most painful methods to get rid of hair. It is done by simply applying wax on to the skin and quickly stripping the hair along with its roots from the skin.

4. Depilatory Cream
These refer to creams, lotions, foams and gel that are created by using certain skin safe chemicals.  

5. Epilators
Electric razors/trimmers that perform the job of a razor are called epilators. Using epilators, one can either perform a wet or dry shave. These epilators help with removing the hair at the root than merely just shaving hair from the top of the skin.

6. Laser Hair Removal
One of the most commonly used methods by women these days is laser hair removal. A laser passes around the body pulsating a beam of light that removes your hair follicles. Although easy, laser hair removal is one of the most expensive hair removal methods. 

Shaving is just not for men, women do it too. There are several ways to get rid of body hair. One of the most common but easiest and fastest methods has been shaving. But sadly, how many of you do it right? Do you know the right way to shave? Thinking you are doing it all wrong? Well, keep reading to find if you are right or wrong.

Step 1: Find your razor

Since hair removal isn’t just a man’s game, neither is wet shaving. There are several different brands around the world and India that claim to do the work. So find your perfect one. Finding your razor is not as easy as you think, while some look attractive, some look colorful, you need to find the one that does a clean shave in all curvy spots and that is easy to be cleaned too.

Step 2: Get your body wet
Although you can dry shave your body hair. It is not advised as it may later lead to itchiness and dry skin. So never opt for it. The next way to shave is to soak your body wet.

Step 3: Lather Up
Wet shave doesn’t refer to direct shave after applying water. That is almost as equal to doing a dry shave. Shaving gels/creams help the razor to glide smoothly down the skin without any bumps. Know your skin type before you choose your shaving cream. Get the one that suits your skin type and lather up nice.

Step 4: Shave it!
Once you have lathered up nice, start shaving! Start from the bottom and glide the razor up. Be sure to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth for a perfect and a clean shave. Do not, and we repeat, do not hard press your razor while shaving. Hard press might cut your skin a little even without you knowing. Therefore, light press your razor while shaving.

Step 5: Aftershave
AFTERSHAVE? What the hell is that?
We know that aftershave lotions are mainly available only for men, but that’s not true. Your aftershave lotion does not have to be the exact one. These aftershave lotions are applied only for the sole purpose of moisturising your skin and keeping it hydrated post shaving. So take out your favourite bottle of  moisturiser or maybe even aloe vera gel and rub it all over the shaved area.

Psssttt! ALWAYS use a new fresh cartridge or blade when you plan on shaving your entire body. This might help in preventing tiny nicks and cuts on your skin.


* Never dry shave as it may cause dryness and itchiness on the shaved region making your skin harder.
* Use cold water. Not just while shaving but even in general. There are several benefits if bathed in cold water and once such thing is smooth skin.
* Make sure to use a shaving cream before shaving and a moisturiser as aftershave. 

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