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Do You Vagina Care?


From bringing new life into the world to a night of pleasure, the vagina plays a crucial role in your life. The vagina goes through a lot, starting from periods to  menopause, sex and childbirth. Genitalia play a vital role in human’s health. It is only right when you treat them right. So when you wash your body, face & hair, why not your vagina too?


When we talk about vagina, people think it covers your entire part down there but that’s not all. Vagina is the internal parts of genitals, the one where you insert your menstrual cup or tampons. To keep your vagina healthy, you need to wash your vulva. Vulva is the external genital part. Pubic hair, clitoris, inner & outer labia together refer to as the Vulva.


Should you wash your vagina?

Your vagina should always have an acidic pH 3.8 - 4.5 naturally to make sure that the vagina has got the right amount of good bacteria that kills and fights infections.

A good healthy vagina secretes a decent amount of discharge which is considered good. Then again, good doesn’t necessarily mean it’s  hygienic. To prevent any kind of itching, discomfort, and burning sensation, you need to wash your vagina often using a mild soap or a vaginal wash.

What are the kinds of vaginal discharge?


White - White discharge is something very common among the people with a vagina. Clear white discharge refers to a healthy vagina. If you have slight itching near the vaginal region, we suggest you consult with your gynecologists because there are chances that it might be due to yeast infection. 

Clear & Stretchy - This kind of discharge usually means that you are in your ovulation time of the month. For those trying to get pregnant, when you see this, get on bed because this is the most fertile time you can be during the month.

Clear & Watery - If you are experiencing a running discharge, this usually means you have been overworking your body. Take some time off from exercising, stressing or anything that is pressuring your body. 

Yellow & Green - If you see a cloud like lumpy discharge in white, yellow or green, run to the doctor. No, we are not exaggerating. When you see a colored discharge, this is because it means your vagina is severely infected.

Factors that Affect your vaginal health:

Sex - Having vaginal problems due to sex are quite common. Unprotected sex can lead to STI more times that you can actually think of.

Pregnancy - Pregnancy & Childbirth are not a bad thing, but they do put your vagina for a test of time. Due to childbirth, the vagina tears & sometimes also leads to decreased muscle tone in vagina.

Psychological issues - You might think what does the brain or mind have to do this. Unfortunately, anxiety and depression do have an impact on your vagina. Stress is one of the reasons your periods are delayed and it can also have a negative impact on your healthy vagina.

Hormones - Even the slightest level of change in hormones affect the vaginal pH balance, which in turn might even lead to yeast infection down there.

Types of Vaginal Infections:

Bacterial Vaginosis - It is a quite common bacterial infection found amongst the people with a vagina. You can identify it with just the way it smells. You may be like SMELL? WHATTTT? But this kind of bacteria usually has a strong fishy or a foul smell. This is caused mainly due to unprotected oral sex.

Trichomoniasis - This type of infection is again quite common & is caused mainly by a single cell organism.  Trichomoniasis is usually contracted when you share your intimate clothes with your partner. Though you might have sex with them, intimate wears have to be kept out of the equation.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) - PID is an infection that is often spread through sexual contact. It usually starts with the vagina with a strong foul discharge & makes its way up to the reproductive organs. 

Gonorrhea or Chlamydia - These infections are caused only & if you have unprotected sex. One can find out they are affected with gonorrhea just by looking at the vaginal discharge colour, they might either be green, yellow or sometimes even cloudy in form.

Yeast Infection - Yeast Infection is said to be highly common among women and those with a vagina. You can easily identify that you’ve got yeast infection if your vaginal discharge is in the form of cotton cheese like. Yeast infection is caused mainly due to stress, use of birth control pills & diabetes. Use a good intimate wash & clear your mind to get rid of the bad yeast in your vagina. 


Tips to protect your vagina:

Regular Check up - One with the vagina should always have a routine check up with a gynaecologist. Never be your own doctor, especially for your private parts. Doctors know what to do & what not to do and we suggest you listen to your doctors.

Use Condoms - One of the effective ways to prevent getting any kind of STI is to use a condom. Around 36% of the world’s population get STI, so better prevent than treat. 

Use Water - The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Avoid douching & clean the vagina and the external genitalia using mild soap, intimate washes & water.

Use Intimate Wash - Unlike the olden days, there are several different products available in the market for vaginal care. One such product is the intimate wash. These washes are very mild, and a good way to maintain your pH balance. So pick the right wash & clean your vagina.

Use a clean pantyWhile we all know how panty liners help us through the day. It is also said to use a clean panty to keep yourself clean. While liners protect you from the sweat, irritations & discharges, one should use a clean panty to avoid any kind of sweat or bacteria entering your body from your dirty underwear.

Drink lots & lots of water - You might have heard this statement from almost everyone. This is because water is highly capable of cleaning your body from the side. Be it any kind of bad virus or bad bacteria, water tries its best to flush the toxins out from the body & tries to protect it. 


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