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Community by Community - World AIDS Day

World AIDS day is designated on December 1st, every year to raise awareness and to mourn the loss of lives by HIV infection. It is a day to spread awareness about the HIV virus and an opportunity for people worldwide to join in the fight against AIDS.  

The most frequent mode of HIV transmission is through sexual contact or not engaging in safe sex. As there is no known cure, it is important that we talk about and spread awareness about engaging in safe sexual practices with your partner/ partners to prevent spreading of the virus.  Sex is fun but you just need to be a little careful while partaking in any sexual activity in order to stay away from any ST-I's.  

What is safe sex?  

Safe sex isn't boring, it just means that both you and your partner have taken the required precautions to prevent catching any ST-I's. Safe sex helps to prevent HIV, Chlamydia and many other sexually transmitted diseases. It prevents the exchange of any body fluids between partners to keep them safe and healthy.

There are multiple key factors that go into maintaining one's sexual health :  

  • Contraception :  Contraception is one of the main methods to prevent any unwanted pregnancies, they also protect one against ST-I's by providing a barrier against the exchange of body fluids.  
  • Getting checked :  Annual or frequent test for ST-I's will always help keep you and your partner healthy and protect others around you from infection.  
  • Safety first :  Always be sure to take preventive measures in order to keep yourself safe. Most infections can definitely be cured by infection but why take a chance?  

So this World Aids Day, let's all make a promise to each other to be more careful, to ourselves and others and help make the world a healthier place to live in.  

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