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2021 Goals


Bid Goodbye to New Year Resolutions

We’re at that time of the year where you push yourself to turn over a new leaf. You’re excited and ready to do new things and let go of a few. That’s great! But your track record of being consistent with your resolutions isn’t the best, is it? 

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. New Year resolutions fail because you’re not doing it the right way. While there are different reasons people have a tough time with their resolutions, here are the top few: 

·        It’s too vague, and you can’t track your progress

·        You don’t have a plan to make it work

·        Lack of accountability 

·        No clear reason for why you’ve set yourself up for the task

·        Unrealistic expectations 

·        You have too many resolutions

You’re a work in progress, don’t challenge yourself to do something big in precisely one year and then move to a completely different goal the next year. Pace yourself. 

 So what’s the best way to do it? We recommend having goals instead of resolutions. Clearly define what you need to do. A good goal is a SMART goal. 

It needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. (No, don’t resolve to reduce binge eating while on your period, that’s just unrealistic :D )


Now that you have a SMART goal, what do you do? 

Work on a plan to achieve your goal by breaking it into smaller targets with a realistic time frame. Create habits that help you focus your time and energy on being more consistent. If you’re really serious, it also helps to have someone you trust to keep you accountable in your journey. 


2020 has been particularly hard for everyone. Be kind to yourself. We know you’ve had to change your life in more ways than one. 

So before you decide on the goals you want to incorporate for the coming year, consider this: 

·        What are the changes you made this year that you want to retain in the New Year? ·        What could you have done better with your time in 2020 that you can do in 2021? ·        How can you improve your life while still in a pandemic? (The pandemic isn’t over, only the calendar year is ;) 

Once you have a clear understanding of why you’ve set these goals and how it could impact your life, we promise it’ll be easier to find the motivation to stick to them even after January 2021 has ended! :D

Wish you, nothing but the best in 2021 ! 

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