• The Period Pamper Hamper

The Period Pamper Hamper

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What does this pack contain?

  • Plush Box
  • Pack of Plush Sanitary Pads
  • Pack of Plush Panty Liners
  • SUGAR Charcoal Face Mask
  • PLUM Shampoo
  • PLUM Conditioner
  • Plush Eye Mask
  • Set of 2 Scrunchies
  • Organic Loofah
  • Mini Hot Water Bag for cramp comfort
  • Plush Pocket Diary
  • Plush Merchandise - Badge
  • Rusable Bamboo Toothbrush

All that your brain asks you to get for your period - delivered to you in one box! With all the love that our first and second hamper received, we've made the Period Comfort Hamper 3.0 more sassier.
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A complete period care kit

All that you need for a period, in one box. Snacks? Music? Pain Relief? Got. It. All

Feel special with the hamper

Perfect to gift yourself or your loved one, to make one feel special and cared for

Not just a product, but an experience

Get it all with one kit - essential products with curated experiences to make you feel good.


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