• Plush Razor + Additional 2 Cartridge Combo
  • Plush Razor + Additional 2 Cartridge Combo
  • Plush Razor + Additional 2 Cartridge Combo
  • Plush Razor + Additional 2 Cartridge Combo

Plush Razor + Additional 2 Cartridge Combo

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What does this pack contain?

1 x Plush Pack of 5 Body Razor with Cartridge
1 x Pack of 2 Additional Cartridges

So, in total you get one razor handle and 3 cartridges for that sharp and smooth shave you always wanted. 
Instead of replacing an entire razor every time your blade dulls down, just replace the blade cartridge! A less wastage approach to hair removal, take a small step towards our latest solution which is kinder to your skin, to the planet & to your wallet!

5 BLADE SMOOTH SHAVE –  With a 5-blade razor you can now be rest assured of a one stroke shave. Each of our blades is stainless steel & Sweden-made

Our ergonomic design of the razor enables an effortless shave in all the curves, all of this made possible without bumps or cuts. The handle design is made for better control in wet conditions. 

ALOE VERA  & VITAMIN E LUBRICATING STRIP - All our razors contain Aloe Vera strip and Vitamin E for enabling a smoother glide on your skin.
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What sets our razors apart?

Clean Skin, Simplified

Flaunt it or shave it! But if you shave, go with the kindest to your skin with Plush

Smoothest Shave Ever

With Aloe-vera and Vitamin E Lubricating Strip your skin will get nothing but the best !

Easy to Change

Absolutely easy and simple to change cartridges at the press of a button at the back of the razor

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Hear what people love about us

Must say, the razor gives quite a close shave. The best part is the feel of the razor which is very light weight and easy to handle and shave without any discomfort.


The smoothest i have ever used. Glides to the skin very comfortably and removes hair very easy and quick.

Priscilla priyadarshini


Questions we get asked a lot!

Which direction should I shave?

Shave against the direction of your hair growth, that way it will be smooth

Will my hair grow faster or thicker after shaving?

Rate of hair growth depends on the DNA and not on the method used to trim it.

How long can I use a single cartridge?

Depending on your frequency, you can use one cartridge upto 3 months or till it gets rusty or feels harsh on your skin

Do we need to buy the razor again or just the cartridges?

You can get just the cartridges next time which will work out economical for you and kinder to the planet

How easy is it to the change the cartridge?

Its super easy and quick to change the cartridge. Hold the razor and push the button on the back neck of the razor with your thumb. Slide the blade away from the handle. Simply replace it with our Plush Cartridge for a new feel.

Should I use a shaving gel or foam before I shave?

You can apply water and your regular soap or use a shaving gel or foam for best results

Can I use other brand cartridges with Plush Razor?

Ouch! No. Our cartridges are exclusively made for our handles only for a perfect fit and easy use.

Are there any lubricating strips on the blade cartridge?

Yes! Each blade cartridges comes with Aloe Vera strip and Vitamin E for enabling a smoother glide on your skin

Where on my body can I use the Plush Razor?

Plush Razors are designed with an ergonomic handle for a smooth and easy shave all over your body.

How many blades does each cartridge have?

Our cartridges come with 5 Sweden Stainless Steel blades to get that perfect smooth skin and even shaving.

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