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  • pHlic Water Based Personal Gel

pHlic Water Based Personal Gel

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What does this pack contain?

pHlic a 100% Water Based Personal Gel - 50ml

Enriched with organic aloe vera extract, pHlic supplements natural dryness and enhances your sensations naturally.

pH BALANCED - Developed for your most sensitive areas, it is skin friendly and does not cause any irritation. pHlic has a pH value between 3.8 to 4.5 that is compatible with a healthy personal area pH of 4.0.

WATER BASED - pHlic is 100% water based and natural with no silicone, no parabens or any other nasties. Its non sticky formula & texture eases dryness & discomfort. 

STRAWBERRY CHILLS - Just Chillin' adds a cool tingling sensation to your slipping and sliding with the stimulating essence of strawberry, while being gentle on your private areas at the same time. 

AH NATURAL - Non flavoured & fragrance free, it gets you wet naturally while being gentle on your private areas.

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Why Choose Plush?

Long Lasting Moisture

Locks in moisture for a long time making your playful sessions last really longer.

For Every Mood Of Yours

Strawberry for a sweet moment, Gingseng for heightened senses & Natural for the days you prefer vanilla.

Safe To Use

pHlic gels are safe from harsh chemicals, thus making it safe to use all over your body.

Aloe Vera Infused

Avoids skin irritation & gives a soothing effect to your skin.

No Harsh Chemicals

Parabens & silicones are out, thus making it kinder to skin.

Water Based Gel

pHlic is a water based gel making it easy to use and easier to wash.

Safe To Use

pHlic are universally compatible with your massagers.

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Hear what people love about us

pHlic gels are water based non sticky gel & are nothing like others brand I've seen in the market. The gels were really long lasting & did actually help the dryness down there.


pHlic gel did not dry up easily and pea sized amount goes a long way. It just glided smoothly like a jelly and felt so chilling on the skin. Overall a really safe gel to use.


pHlic gel has got a very good consistency and fragrance. Love the way the brand has made a product without any junk stuff, making it very safe to use. Does what it promises.



Questions we get asked a lot!

How to use pHlic?

There is no wrong way to use a gel. Just squeeze a little on your palm or on the desired body part. Once you are done, just wash it off with water.

Why is pHlic water based?

pHlic kinder to your skin. pHlic is non sticky and easy to wash off. Unlike other water-based gels, pHlic has been designed to glide for a very long time.

Why aloe infused gel?

Make some smooth moves. pHlic is made with aloe vera for a smooth feel that is gentle on your skin. It enhances your moments with next-level hydration. Safe to use on your body (or your partner’s) or even with massagers.

Should pHlic be used only during intercourse?

pHlic gels are meant to be experimented. Use it for solo play, with a massager or to try something new with your partner. If you’re into it, pHlic is into it.

Can I use pHlic with massagers?

pHlic is 100% water based which means it is safe and universally compatible with massagers.

Can different pHlic gels be used together?

We love this idea. You can mix & match pHlic gels to experience different sensations on your body. Use That’s Hot to experience warm tingles, Just Chillin’ to experience cool tingles & Ah, Natural! to get wet naturally all at the same time.

Who can use pHlic?

Anyone, no matter your gender or your preference. pHlic is designed to enhance your private moments.

Customer Reviews

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Aruna dharmana

pHlic Water Based Personal Gel

Rubika srinivas
Smooth encounter

Superb product makes you feel satisfied
I am so happy and an elegant fragrance makes your luv time more extended..... Than usual