• LoveGlove and Phlic Natural Lube
  • LoveGlove and Phlic Natural Lube
  • LoveGlove and Phlic Natural Lube
  • LoveGlove and Phlic Natural Lube

LoveGlove and Phlic Natural Lube

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What does this pack contain?

India’s first male condoms designed keeping women in mind. Intensely dotted to give her intense sensations, combine it with our Natural Lubricants and slide your way in without any irritation or pain. 

Positioned at all the right places, these dots are sure to hit all the right spots to help her reach the big ‘O’ like never before. Designed with love, LoveGlove is made from 100% naturally sourced latex & has no benzocaine; an anesthetic proven to lead to skin irritation & dryness. Our condoms are compatible with lubes, your mouth, hands, fingers, intimate toys, accessories and consent, always. Lubes will also help maintain the pH of your intimate area 

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No Benzocaine

Completely free of all chemicals including benzocaine, which makes the product more skin friendly and keeps your intimate moments safe and enjoyable for both partners

100% Vegan

Designed with just the right amount of the cleanest ingredients & love. These are made with high-quality, vegan-friendly materials that are safe and effective for all types of intimate encounters.

Made from Natural Latex

Developed for your most sensitive areas, our condoms are made from 100% naturally sourced latex making it skin friendly & irritation free.

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Questions we get asked a lot!

What is an Extra Super Dotted condom?

A dotted condom has small raised dots or studs on the surface. These dots are intended to increase pleasure and sensation for both Men and Women.

Why should I use water based lubricants over oil based lubricants?

It's important to use a water-based or silicone-based lubricant, rather than an oil-based lubricant, because oil-based lubricants can weaken or damage the condom, making it more likely to break.

Does LoveGlove condom guarantee 100% protection?

Every single condoms is electronically tested and goes through a very regress and thorough testing process for maximum durability and strength so that the chances of tearing are absolutely minimal. Condoms are the effective method of preventing pregnancy and protecting against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Why pleasure is more important for women ?

The female sexual response can be more complex than the male response and may involve multiple stages, including desire, arousal, and orgasm. The use of dotted condoms may increase pleasure for women ,because the raised dots or studs on the surface of the condom provide additional stimulation to the clitoris and vaginal walls.