• Exxtra Comfort 2.0
  • Exxtra Comfort 2.0
  • Exxtra Comfort 2.0
  • Exxtra Comfort 2.0
  • Exxtra Comfort 2.0

Exxtra Comfort 2.0

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What does this pack contain?

  • 2 x Pack of 10 XXL US Cotton Sanitary Pads with Disposable Pouches
  • 1 x Pack of 30 Panty Liners (180mm)
  • 1 x All Natural Intimate Wash
  • 1 x Eye Mask
  • 1 x Badge

From  100 % Pure U.S. Cotton XXL Pads that guarantee a rash-free experience, the thinnest panty liners, this kit has all you need. The added bonus of the sassiest eye mask, is just the cherry on top of this cake!

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What sets our pads apart?

Kinder to the planet

Our products are ethically sourced and FSC certified meeting strict standards to ensure they are planet friendly.

Trusted by trusted sources

Plush is the most certified femme care brand in South Asia - to ensure that we take care of your skin and our planet, collectively.

Rash-free Experience

Our liners are made out of 100% US Cotton free of chemicals helping you have rash-free days.

Fragrance Free

No more harmful artificial fragrances. Plush liners are made absolutely fragrance free

Paraben free

Say no to harmful chemicals like parabens, and enjoy luxurious comfort with our liners

Feather soft

Super thin & made with 100% U.S. cotton, the liners are breathable. What more can you want?

SLS and SLES Free

Free of any harmful sulphates, to ensure you have no itching and no irritation!

Wait there is more for you!

We have more things for you to choose from!


Hear what people love about us

Just have to thank you guys for giving us this amazing product. The pads were great & didn’t have the feel of periods at all inspite heavy flow during the back to back functions. Seriously your products are worth buying! Stress free periods!

Brindhaa Ramesh

I was always wary of using liners but my friend suggested I try them out, these liners are so comfortable & keep me feeling so fresh - now I can't go even a day without my Plush liner.

Harini S

Best liners ever used. Insanely thin that I forgot I am using one at time. Unlike other liners, Plush liners are made out of cotton making it super super soft.



Questions we get asked a lot!

What is the size of XXL pads?

Plush XXL pads are of 360mm in size.

Why use an Intimate wash?

The skin in and around your intimate area requires a little special care due to it being of a more acidic pH balance. Washing it with regular soaps causes a pH imbalance which in turn makes you more prone to vaginal infections. Thereby, it is imperative to have an intimate hygiene routine in order to keep both you and your body healthy.

Why choose Plush?

At Plush, we’re big on comfort. We believe that comfort is the superpower any woman needs in her period. Our products are not only kinder to the skin but also kinder to the planet and internationally certified to ensure the best quality.

Why use 180mm sized liners?

Just like pads, some prefer longer liners for extra comfort and safety. Plush has now two different liners - 150mm & 180mm to choose from.

How often one should change the pad during the cycle?

Sanitary pads are advised to be changed once in every 6 hours to maintain proper hygiene and comfort.