• Plush Razor + Shaving Gel Combo
  • Plush Razor + Shaving Gel Combo
  • Plush Razor + Shaving Gel Combo
  • Plush Razor + Shaving Gel Combo
  • Plush Razor + Shaving Gel Combo

Plush Razor + Shaving Gel Combo

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What does this pack contain?

1 x Plush Pack of 5 Blade Body Razor with Cartridge
1 x Pack of All Natural Shaving Gel 

Master you shaving skills with this combo. Apply our shaving gel enriched with aloe vera to prevent skin irritation and for smooth razor glide on your skin. With our 5-blade razor you can now be rest assured of a one stroke shave. 

  • 5 BLADE SMOOTH SHAVE –  Each of our blades is stainless steel & Sweden-made

  • ZERO CUTS, ZERO BUMPS - Our ergonomic design of the razor enables an effortless shave in all the curves, all of this made possible without bumps our cuts. The handle design is made for better control in wet conditions

  • ENRICHED WITH ALOE VERA & VITAMIN E - Aloe Vera helps lubricate the skin and prevent irritation & protects the skin against razor burns and Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that reduces UV damage caused by free radicals

  • EXTREMELY HYDRATING - Preps and softens your hair for easy, quick and smooth razor glides. Protects the skin against the harshness of razor blades & keeps it soft & supple post shaving.
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What sets our products apart?

Clean Skin, Simplified

Flaunt it or shave it! But if you shave, go with the kindest to your skin with Plush

Replaceable Cartridges

With our easy to change cartridges, you are in for long with just one blade purchase. You are being kind to planet here.

Smoothest Shave Ever

With Aloe-vera and Vitamin E Lubricating Strip your skin will get nothing but the best !

Why choose Plush?


  • Disposable Razor
  • 2 or 3 Blade
  • No Lubricating Strip
  • Harsh to Skin
  • Slips easily
  • System Razor
  • 5 Blade
  • Aloe-vera Lubricating Strip
  • Kindest to Skin
  • Ergonomical design for best fit

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Hear what people love about us

Must say, the razor gives quite a close shave. The best part is the feel of the razor which is very light weight and easy to handle and shave without any discomfort.


The smoothest i have ever used. Glides to the skin very comfortably and removes hair very easy and quick.

Priscilla Priyadarshini


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