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Raze It Combo

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What does this pack contain?

1 X Plush 5 Blade Body Razor
1 X Pack of Foldable Face Razor ( 3 Face Razors in a Pack )
1 X All Natural Shaving Gel ( 100gms )

The body razor & face razor are designed to give you the smoothest shave both on flat and curvy areas of your body. 

ENRICHED WITH ALOE VERA & VITAMIN E - Aloe Vera helps lubricate the skin and prevent irritation & protects the skin against razor burns and Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that reduces UV damage caused by free radicals.

SHAVING GEL - Our gel is made up of all Natural Ingredients (Aloe Vera, Vit E ) to give a natural base for a smooth base. 

SWEDEN BLADES FOR SMOOTHER SHAVE - Plush Body Ra zors come with stainless steel Sweden blades for a longer shelf life. and Plush face razors comes with a German Steel with a a foldable feature for easy carry and storage. 
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    What sets our products apart?

    Clean Skin, Simplified

    Flaunt it or shave it! But if you shave, go with the kindest to your skin with Plush

    Smoothest Shave Ever

    With Aloe-vera and Vitamin E Lubricating Strip your skin will get nothing but the best !

    Instant Glow

    Removes dead cells & gives instant glow.

    Smooth Skin

    Leaves soft & smooth skin after every shave.

    German Blades

    Made using german blades for longer shelf life.

    For All

    Can be used by men & women of all skin types.

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    Hear what people love about us

    Must say, the razor gives quite a close shave. The best part is the feel of the razor which is very light weight and easy to handle and shave without any discomfort.


    Plush Face Razor does fulfil what it promises. I have been using them for a while and it gives a perfect smooth finish every shave. A quick fix when you have a last minute plan.


    Used the Plush Face razor for the first time and I must tell you, it's easy to use & easily removed facial hair along with dead cells giving an instant glow to skin. Best part is it is affordable and comes with a longer shelf lives than other brands.



    Questions we get asked a lot!

    What does this combo contain?

    Plush's Raze It combo comes with one body razor, one shaving gel and a set of 3 foldable face razors.

    Can shaving gel be used all over the body?

    Plush All Natural Shaving gel is completely free of chemicals thus making it safe to use all over the body. However, we suggest you to do some patch test before using it in intimate areas.

    How long can I use one single face razor?

    For best results, only use a razor for a maximum of five times before tossing it.

    Will face shaving make my face dark?

    No, it doesn't. Our Plush Face Razor is designed in such a way that it gets rid of the facial hair without leaving any trace behind and makes your face feel smooth.

    How to use shaving gel?

    Massage onto the area you wish to shave with wet hands to build up a rich lather, then shave and rinse.

    How to use the face razor?

    Cleanse your face before usage. Shave against the hair growth gently, rinse with water and then moisturise.