• Monthly Hygiene Kit
  • Monthly Hygiene Kit
  • Monthly Hygiene Kit
  • Monthly Hygiene Kit
  • Monthly Hygiene Kit
  • Monthly Hygiene Kit

Monthly Hygiene Kit

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What does this pack contain?

All your period necessities for a month covered in one kit. From 100 % Pure U.S. Cotton Pads that guarantee a rash-free experience, the thinnest panty liners and 100% Natural Intimate Wash, this kit has all you need. 

This kit contains:

  • 1 box of 14 pads (8 Light flow, 6 heavy flow, 2 panty liners)
  • 1 box of 20 panty liners
  • 1 all natural Intimate Wash
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Why buy our monthly kit?

Your BFF for uncertain periods

Unsure of when aunt flo will visit, or you’re just spotting on those last few days? Liners cover it all

Rash-free experience

We source the finest cotton to make our products to ensure they are completely breathable and irritation free.

Use it during your cycles

Clean yourself during your period to ensure ultimate hygiene

Paraben free

Say no to harmful chemicals like parabens, and enjoy luxurious comfort with our liners

Chlorine Free

No artificial harmful chlorine bleaching to ensure that the liners are best for your skin

Feather soft

Super thin & made with 100% U.S. cotton, the liners are breathable. What more can you want?

Multi-layer absorption

Plush pads are soft, breathable while ensuring you remain comfortable and dry longer.

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