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Panty Liners -150 mm

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What does this pack contain?

Panty liners (150 mm)

Super soft, super comfortable and so thin you won’t feel like you are wearing one. Made with 100% U.S. Cotton, Plush panty liners are perfect for everyday wear so you can go about your day feeling clean and comfortable. 

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Why are liners awesome?

Your BFF for uncertain periods

Unsure of when aunt flo will visit, or you’re just spotting on those last few days? Liners cover it all

Feel fresh - all day, every day

No more dampness or discomfort. Trust us, after using liners, your underwear will thank us!

Travel without worries

Stay fresh, dry and clean all day when travelling. And hey, helps make your underwear reusable too!

Whats special about our Liners?

Super Soft

100 % Pure U.S. Cotton

Super Thin

Leak Proof

Fragrance Free

No more harmful artificial fragrances. Plush liners are made absolutely fragrance free

Paraben free

Say no to harmful chemicals like parabens, and enjoy luxurious comfort with our liners

Chlorine Free

No artificial harmful chlorine bleaching to ensure that the liners are best for your skin

Feather soft

Super thin & made with 100% U.S. cotton, the liners are breathable. What more can you want?

Why choose Plush?


  • Made using plastic
  • Harsh to the skin and uncomfortable
  • Harsh, rash causing materials
  • Bleached using chlorine
  • Contains parabens, fragrances, dyes
  • Made with 100% pure U.S. Cotton
  • Super soft and very thin
  • A guaranteed Rash free experience
  • Chlorine Free
  • Free of Nasty Chemicals

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Hear what people love about us

I was always wary of using liners but my friend suggested I try them out, these liners are so comfortable & keep me feeling so fresh - now I can't go even a day without my Plush liner.

Harini S

Plush liners are so thin, I forget I’m even wearing them. They do the work perfectly, with absolutely zero discomfort. I’m a fan and don’t think I can switch back to any other liner

Gayatri Varma

I absolutely love the liners - especially on my vacations. Never felt so comfortable travelling before. Now Plush liners are literally the first thing on my travel packing checklist!

Jheel Jain


Questions we get asked a lot!

What exactly are panty liners?

Liners are basically a thinner version of a pad but unlike them, liners are designed to absorb light leakage or discharge. They cannot be used during your period to absorb blood flow.

How to use panty liners?

Panty liners are worn on the inside of your underwear and contain an adhesive sheet on the bottom just like your pad. They should be stuck on the seam of your underwear.

What are the uses of panty liners?

Liners have multiple uses. They can be used on days leading upto or after your period when you're unsure, to manage spotting or discharge, for light incontinence and they help keep you moisture free during travel.

How often must I change my liner?

Liners like pads should not be used for long hours in order to maintain vaginal hygiene. We suggest changing your liners every 5-6 hours to ensure complete safety.

Why should I choose Plush liners?

Plush panty liners are made out of cotton to ensure maximum comfort for you. They include no harmful or synthetic chemicals and are completely 100% fragrance free to keep your body healthy and provide you with maximum comfort.

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Panty Liners -150 mm

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Panty Liners -150 mm

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Panty Liners -150 mm

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Panty Liners -150 mm