• Lavender & Cranberry Mist
  • Lavender & Cranberry Mist
  • Lavender & Cranberry Mist
  • Lavender & Cranberry Mist
  • Lavender & Cranberry Mist

Lavender & Cranberry Mist

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What does this pack contain?

150 ml of Lavender & Cranberry Mist

Sulphate Free | No Harsh Chemicals | Paraben Free 

Plush mist is made out of natural ingredients like Lavender and Cranberry is specially designed for you to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing day. The Luxurious blend of these ingredients gives out a natural and soothing fragrance that will keep you calm yet lively all day. 

  • Long Lasting fragrance will make you keep going all day 

  • Lose yourself in the goodness of Lavender and Cranberry, the Refreshing and calming natural fragrance will connect you back to the nature 

  • Perfect for everyday use, smell fresh all day

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Our Promise to you!

Can use multiple times a day

Long lasting yet tempting. Lose yourself in the mild and natural fragrance of Lavender and Cranberry multiple times a day

Uplifts your mood.

Lavender is renowned for its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere, it instantly uplifts your mood

Mild Yet Natural Fragrance

Let's walk through the lavender field and connect with nature. Just one spray a day will keep your dullness away

All Natural

Lose yourself in the natural formula of Lavender & Cranberry that helps you connect with the nature.

Sulphate Free

Free from any harmful sulphates to ensure you have no itching or irritation making it suitable for all skin types

No Harsh Chemicals

Say no to harmful chemicals , your skin deserves much more. Best of the quality to bring out the best in you.

Suitable for All Skin

A natural formulation tailored for all skin types if you choose to spray the mist directly on to your skin.

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Hear what people love about us

When it comes to fragrances, Lavender can never go wrong. Plush did just right with this bottle of Lavender mist.

Smells like a bowl of Summer


Questions we get asked a lot!

Is the mist alcohol free ?

No, it contains some level of alcohol

Is it Made in India ?

Yes, the bath and body ranges are all Made in India

Can you spray the mist directly onto the skin ?

Yes, you can spray it directly on to the skin and also can spray it on the clothes.

How long does the fragrance last

The mist can easily last up to 4-5 hours , but the good thing is you can use multiple times a day to make you feel fresh

Does this have a strong floral scent ?

No, it gives out a sweet and pleasant fragrance