• Bath and Body Hamper 1.0
  • Bath and Body Hamper 1.0
  • Bath and Body Hamper 1.0
  • Bath and Body Hamper 1.0
  • Bath and Body Hamper 1.0
  • Bath and Body Hamper 1.0
  • Bath and Body Hamper 1.0

Bath and Body Hamper 1.0

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What does this pack contain?

Sweet Pear & Shea Butter Hamper - Get into your body care ritual with just these 3 products and feel a whole layer of new and healthy skin.

  • 300 ml of Shower Gel
  • 200 ml of Body Lotion 
  • 150 ml of Body Mist (Free)

Sulphate Free | No Harsh Chemicals | Paraben Free

Upgrade your shower routine with Plush Shower gel infused with Sweet Pear and Shea Butter and experience the most hydrating and nourishing shower. The beads in it acts like a gentle exfoliating agent helping in removing any dry skin flakes or dead skin cells. 

GOODNESS OF SWEET PEAR & SHEA BUTTER - Shea butter penetrates deep into the layers of your skin giving maximum hydration and sweet pear gives you a satisfying natural fragrance giving you a wholesome shower episode. 

SLAY WITH JUST ONE SPRAY - The sweet scent of the Pear will instantly uplift your mood and keep you going for the whole day. 

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Our Promise to you!

Non-Greasy Formula

Non greasy light weight formula melts into your skin leaving behind a softer skin for longer period of time

Exfoliates your skin

The natural beads in the shower gel gently exfoliates your skin and will help in removing dead cells and dry flakes if any , leaving behind a much softer and smoother skin.

Sweet Fragrance

Sweet and natural fragrance of the Sweet Pear uplifts your mood and turns on your charm.

Sulphate Free

Free from any harmful sulphates to ensure you have no itching or irritation making it suitable for all skin types

All Natural

Lose yourself in the natural formula of Sweet Pear and Shea butter that will give you 2x nourishment

No Harsh Chemicals

Say no to harmful chemicals , your skin deserves much more. Best of the quality to bring out the best in you.

Suitable for all Skin

A natural formulation tailored for all skin types if you choose to spray the mist directly on to your skin.

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Questions we get asked a lot!

Is it Paraben free?

Yes, We make sure we give you the best quality without any harmful or itch causing agents like parabens or other chemicals in it

What are the properties of Shea butter ?

Shea butter has soothing and anti-aging properties that may make skin appear smoother and reduce aging.

Why does this shower gel have beads ?

The natural beads acts like an exfoliating agent which helps in removing dead cells and dry flakes from the body