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Make it exciting!


Make it exciting

See if you or your partner can have multiple orgasms.

Read erotic stories to each other out loud.

Give each other a sensual personal massage that turns into a sex session.

Use a lube to add a cooling, warming, or pleasantly tingling sensation to your genitals or nipples.

Get wet and wild with shower sex.

Send texts to one another all day long as foreplay.

Try to go a week without having sex, but do tease one another throughout that time.

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    Let’s get cliterate

    Let’s get cliterate

    Well, aren't we glad you came…to learn more about your body. Did you know that your clitoris can actually get erect when aroused? Because of its numerous nerve endings and blood vessels, it can enl...

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    Never Have We Ever

    Never Have We Ever

      A new twist to ‘Never Have I Ever’. The rules of the game are simple. One of you reads the question out loud, waits for 3 seconds & then both of you write the answer (something you’ve been ...

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