Well I got a lube…now what?

We’ve got you covered.


1. Slide In Easily
For smoother intercourse, use lubrication to reduce friction and increase pleasure. Use your fingers to apply the lube directly to your vulva, or on your partner’s penis, strap on, dildos, and more. 

2. Make Solo Play Wetter!
The wetter the better! Lubes can elevate your solo play experience. A little goes a long way especially with Just Chillin’ & That’s Hot! which gives you different sensations wherever you apply it. Take matters into your hands & experience pleasure like never before.

3. The Slippery Hand-job
Anything you can do with your mouth, you can do with your hands thanks to lubes. Try applying a few drops to your hands or your partner's penis before sliding into the hand-job.

4. Finger & Licking Good
Dry fingering or stroking can easily irritate the vagina because it is so delicate. Lube up your fingers & get it going!

Tip: Give your partner some oral while you finger them and watch as they experience true bliss. Don’t worry, pHlic is totally safe for oral sex.

5. Smooth Backdoor Entry  
Since there is no natural lubrication in the anal area, it becomes very important to lubricate. Make anal play seamless by using lube on your fingers, toys, strap ons, or more.

There is no wrong way of using lube. Use it in whatever way that makes you feel good.

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