There's an important deadline coming or a vacation that you've been looking forward to for ages, isn't it the absolute worst when Aunt Flo turns up right before?

We get it. Periods are different for all of us but what i'm sure we can all agree on is that when they do come before an important event along with all its relatives - cramps, mood swings, soreness, etc we aren't really ready to welcome her in the best of moods. 

So we did a little research, to help all you ladies out there and what we found was there are actually a few ways to control your periods. We might actually be able to get done with it a little earlier sometimes so we can relax on the beach and get a tan without an actual care in the world. 

The most reliable method of doing so ofcourse is to take hormonal Birth control pills. The pill which contains both estrogen and progestin is the only truly effective method of taking control of your period. Though before doing so we do ask that you consult your doctor.  Other than the pill, if we don't want to mess with our hormonal balance and the side effects that may come along with the same, there are also a few natural ways to stimulate your blood flow - 

1. Parsley Tea : Parsley belongs to a family of herbs that relaxes your uterus and helps stimulate your blood flow which can sometimes make your period come earlier. Though do start off consuming tea in small doses and dont overdo it. 

2. Vitamin C : it is widely believed that vitamin C helps induce your period as it is believed that it helps increase the amount of uterine lining which helps increase chances of your period coming.

3. Heat ( Hot Compress ) : This is not only one of the best cures for dealing with cramps and other PMS symptoms. Heat also helps loosen abdominal muscles thereby stimulating blood flow in the uterus. 

4. Exercise : The endorphins released during a workout can both relieve stress and lower estrogen levels. Both of these things are ideal when trying to induce your period, although it should be noted that you don’t want to lower your estrogen levels too much.

To conclude, we can't guarantee that any of these methods are 100% effective but they're worth a try and if they work yay us! we might actually be able to control something we have no control over.

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