10 sustainable brands you need to follow to get started on your eco-friendly lifestyle

Every year, on June 5 the planet celebrates World Environment Day. A day that is quite monumental in how the world can change its way of life to protect the planet. And today, we’re here to help you take a step in that direction - by showcasing brands that will help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

What is sustainability?

Simply defined sustainability is “the ability to exist” constantly. While we know our BloodSisters would love that ability, especially to exist in our prime, smooth skin, great body and healthiest self years, sustainability basically means that we need to focus on our present needs in a way that it does not compromise resources for the future generations.

Put in simple words, it’s using what we have to the best of its ability, trying not to deplete more of the earth's resources and following a lifestyle that does not harm the environment. We know our BloodSisters are super eco- friendly and are constantly looking to make tiny alterations to their lifestyle, that is not just healthy for them, but for the planet too!

Here are 10 brands you need to follow for a sustainable lifestyle

1. Plush

We know, we know - that you already know how amazing Plush is for the environment. We are not just kind to the skin, but the brand stands for being kind for the planet too. Plush is certified vegan and cruelty free so you can be assured that we don’t harm our four legged friends. In addition to that we are also FSC certified. Do you know what that means? It means our packaging is made from recycled materials without harming the forests. Well, tell us it can get better than that.


2.Bare Necessities

If you’re trying to start a zero waste lifestyle, this brand should be your go to. They have amazing zero waste products, in addition to their instagram page being super helpful with tips for the same. They also have a brilliant podcast talking about various good for the planet topics.

Instagram: @barenecessities_zerowasteindia

3.Everwards & two’s company

Another brilliant eco-friendly brand that we love. These guys take zero waste to a new level by often hosting talks and workshops on a sustainable lifestyle. They believe in simple, inexpensive steps to make a positive impact on the environment.

Instagram: @everwardsindia.zerowaste

4. The Better India

This organization has been our go to for anything sustainable. They are a media brand that focus on positive stories. Umm, hello! What’s better? We love their approach to the planet and people, and love that we can turn to them for anything related to sustainability. They also have a shop where they sell their products - Home cleaning essentials that are non-toxic and earth friendly. 


5. Juicy Chemistry

Most, if not all of us have either heard or used products from this amazing brand. In addition to being natural and super duper safe for your skin and body, they also are super healthy to our Mother Earth. Their products are not just formulated with ‘no nasties’ they also have eco friendly packaging which is reusable or recyclable. They have a rewards program where you send back your empty bottles and they give you points. Well, colour us impressed!


6. Minimo Basics

This brand is one of our favorites. They promise affordable and accessible sustainability and they hold good on that promise. They have a range of zero waste and sustainable alternatives that are bound to make you go ‘hell yeah!’ and make the environment smile.

Instagram: @Minimo.basics

7. Rubys Organics

This beauty brand is creating waves in the makeup and skincare space. They are an ‘honest brand’ with an ethical supply chain and all their products are natural, organic, have ‘no nasties’ and are in short not just great for you, but for the planet too. They’re also cruelty free, so you know your animal friends are safe.

Instagram: @Rubys.Organics

8. Daily Dump

This brand calls itself a ‘mindset changing business’ and don’t we love that, or what? They have a host of resources that help you learn how to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle, with material on composting, waste management all on a personal level. Because you may not be able to change the world, but you do make a difference.

Instagram: @Dailydumpcompost

9. Cowvathi

Did you know that following a vegan lifestyle can be so good for the planet? Well, BloodSisters, we’re not here to preach veganism to you, but we’re here to help with it if you plan on becoming one or already are one. And we just can’t not mention this amazing brand that provides a variety of vegan cheese, dips and curds. So good, that you won’t even miss your dairy. We promise!

Instagram: @Cowvathi

10. Aarohana Ecosocial

Remember in school we learnt to make “best out of waste?” Well, this brand has taken that to a whole new level. They make upcycled stuff. So all the tetra packs, plastic bags and food wrappers you throw away. They take them and upcycle them into fashion accessories and home decor products. We couldn’t be more impressed.

Instagram: @Aarohana_Ecosocial

While there are some more amazing brands that are doing all they can for the planet, these are some of our favorites. And once you try them out, we’re sure they’ll be your favorites too. Which is your favorite sustainable brand. Write to us at care@plushforher.com or DM us on Instagram to let us know. 

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