Monica was wrong! There are additional erogenous zones than the standard seven. Here are a few unexpected erogenous zones to get you going.

The ears are often considered the most erogenous areas for many since they have hundreds of sensory receptors inside and delicate skin on the outside.

How to get those tingles?
Give your partner's earlobes a quick kiss, lick, or nibble; you can also try whispering or lightly blowing into their ear.

This one might seem surprising but it’s true!
Sensitive to touch yet neglected by many, try including this area when you find your chance.

How to get those tingles?
Move your hands up & down the leg while focusing on this area.
Special tip - Use your mouth & tongue while working your way up to the genitals.

While it is still debatable, this area can be a huge turn on for few.

How to get those tingles?
All it takes is a light touch to transform the tickle into something very stimulating. Slowly move your tongue, fingertips, or even a feather along the inner arm to the armpit.

Ever wonder why getting your head massaged or having someone simply play with your hair makes you feel so good? It is because your scalp is covered in nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive.

How to get those tingles?
Run your fingernails softly over the scalp to increase the pleasure, paying extra attention to the area behind the ears and immediately above the neck. 

Don’t forget the hair! For some, hair pulling might be a huge turn on.

There are numerous nerve endings and muscles that connect to your buttocks at the small of your back. Here, even a light touch can be pleasurable.

How to get those tingles?
Since this area is extremely sensitive, even running your fingers up & down can be a huge turn on. You can use your lips and tongue to gently tickle the region. You can also tease your partner by moving towards the top of their buttocks.

What's important is to remember that we are all individual beings with a unique body. It's best to explore and discover what works best for you. Always go gentle when attempting a new touch and listen to your partner's feedback regarding what works for them.